As one of its four-fold functions, the UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP-SURP) through its Training and Extension Services Division is mandated to provide capability- building/training in areas related to urban and regional planning. As the only graduate school of planning in the Philippines, the School supplements its graduate education program with extension programs in research, consultancy and training.

   Through its Training and Extension Services Division, the School has conducted innumerable capability-building programs for all levels of governments from the national down to the municipal level, the private sectors, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Among the more memorable contributions of UP-SURP are the conceptualization and implementation of the national, regional, and provincial physical framework planning process.

   The School has also assisted numerous cities and municipalities in the preparation of their comprehensive land use plans and zoning ordinances. The UP-SURP has likewise developed the methodological framework for the local development investment programming process. The long and extensive experience of the School in education and training, research and extension, backed up by a pool of varied and faculty staff expertise is the strongest assurance of client satisfaction. The School’s core competencies in training are as follows:

Urban Planning
   In the area of urban planning, the School has developed a track record of administering training programs on the following aspects of urban growth management:
  • Urban redevelopment
  • Metro-area development planning
  • Open space planning and management
  • Housing
  • Zoning preparation and administration
  • Land use planning
  • Infrastructure and utilities planning
  • Site planning
  • Planning tools and techniques
  • Transport planning
  • Logistics planning
  • Participatory planning techniques

Regional Planning
   In regional planning, it has designed and administered training programs on the following specialized fields:
  • Rural settlements planning
  • Landscape evaluation
  • Coastal zone planning
  • River basin planning
  • Industrial estate planning
  • Land consolidation
  • Regional planning
  • Regional transport planning
  • Integrated area development planning
  • Resource management and development
  • Watershed planning and management

Application for Training Programs

For training programs available to general public:
  • Request a copy of the Application Form via email to or download thru the School website.
  • Send in accomplished form to our office thru fax or email. Application forms may also be sent to the Training Office 2/F SURP Bldg., E. Jacinto St., UP Diliman, Quezon City.
  • Registration payments are made thru bank deposits.
For customized training programs for government agencies, NGOs, and private institutions:
  • Interested parties are encouraged to send a formal communication/letter of intent addressed to the TESD Director. The letter should include the training needs of the target participants as well as the expected number of participants who will undergo the training.
  • The Training and Extension Services Division shall prepare a proposal to the requesting party highlighting the scope, schedule and estimated budget to conduct the program. A meeting between the two parties can be held to further discuss the contents of the training modules and the proposed budget for the training among others.
  • Once approved, the training shall commence on the scheduled date as specified in the contract.