Graduate Studies Office (GSO)
The GSO is in charge of student admissions and management of student records. The GSO also assists the students in the conduct of their studies by facilitating the thesis and dissertation advising.

Research and Publications Division (RPD)
The RPD is in charge of undertaking institutional researches and of managing the UP SURP WORKING PAPER SERIES, UP SURP website, and online newsletter.

Training and Extension Services Division (TESD)
The TESD is in charge of conducting extension activities, which include training, public lectures, consulting services, and technical assistance rendered by the school or through UP PLANADES and its faculty and staff.

Major Functions of SURP
The Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines (U.P.) vested upon the then, Institute the following functions and responsibilities:
  • Conduct, prepare, and provide graduate training courses in planning to produce professional planners capable of assuming senior positions in all sectors of the community;
  • Conduct short training courses, seminars and workshops in planning for interested groups coming from the public and private sectors;
  • Conduct relevant researches to expand knowledge or solve problems related to comprehensive development planning with emphasis on settlement patterns and environmental planning;
  • Prepare and publish informational and educational materials, texts, and training aids oriented to local needs;
  • Provide consultant advice and technical assistance to both public and private agencies and organizations; and,
  • Establish a reference service or central repository of documents, books, journals, reports, plans, research data, bibliographies and other reading materials for the use of students, public officials and other authorized persons.