UP-SURP Faculty Member Recognized as 2014 Most Outstanding Zambosurian for Academe
September 22, 2014

The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) is pleased to announce the Recognition of Dr. Karen Ann B. Jago-on as the 2014 Most Outstanding Zambosurian for Academe. Dr. Jago-on was awarded by the by the Province of Zamboanga del Sur during the Most Outstanding Zambosurian Night held on the celebration of the 62nd Founding Anniversary of Zamboanga Del Sur last September 13, 2014

Dr Jago-on finished her undergraduate degree in Community Development at the UP College of Social Work and Community Development, and went on to earn her Masters, and consequently her Doctorate Degree in Developmental Science at Hiroshima University in Japan. She joined the Faculty of the UP SURP in 2011, where she is currently an Assistant Professor. She is one of the school’s experts in the field of environmental planning, specializing particularly in the topics of Development/Environmental Economics, and Human Impacts on Subsurface Environments. A prolific researcher, Dr. Jago-on has been involved in works published both locally and internationally. Dr. Jago-on is likewise the main convener of the Consortium of Urban Subsurface Environment Management in Asia.

The SURP’s twin Vision in the next decade shall be:

SURP will be a globally competitive learning, research and training institution in the fields of urban, rural, and regional planning within an archipelagic and tropical environment comprised of landscapes and seascapes in a developing economy; and

SURP will be a center of excellence for learning and research in the development of innovative theories, tools, and sustainable practices in urban, rural, and regional planning adapted to developing countries.
The SURP’s Mission for the next three years (2012-2015) shall be to continue and further enhance its contribution to socioeconomic development and nation building:

Improving the quality of education in the school and producing highly competent planners.

Extending technical assistance to government, non-government organizations (NGOs), peoples' organizations (POs), the private sector, and other academic and research institutions on policy formulation and plan preparation for the development of localities, regions, and the nation.

Disseminating new knowledge on urban and regional planning theories, tools, and practices through the School’s publications and training programs.

Protecting and advocating for the welfare of society -particularly the poor- and promoting social justice and equity in the formulation of development plans and programs.