The School's curriculum is organized around the following fields of specialization, which are designed to respond to the current practice of planning, including research and consultancy services performed by SURP graduates:

Estate Planning:  focuses on site selection, laws, implementing rules and regulations, and approches and techniques in project study preparation, cost-benefit analysis, and other topics relevant to the planning and development of the different types of states ( Housing Estates, Industrial Estates, Agricultural Estates, Planned Unit Development (PUD), etc.

Public Works Planning:  concentrates on theories, concepts and the planning process involved in developing systems for water supply and sewerage, drainage, irrigation, power supply, telecommunications, and public buildings, among others.

Transportation Planning:  focuses on circulation and movement systems in the development of urban and regional areas; covering roads and bridges, ports, harbours, and airports.

Environment and Natural Resource Planning:  focuses on environmental planning and management, covering both seascapes and landscapes.