About SURP Library

 Formerly the Institute of Environmental Planning, SURP was established in 1965 through Republic Act 4341 as an academic unit of U.P. Diliman. Its establishment was consonance with the declared policy of government to assist in the study and solution of development programs and facilitate the realization of development goals. The school library was established in 1967. The library provides a wide array of learning resources to support the School’s functions of conducting academic programs in planning; providing training courses, seminars, workshops in cooperation with other government agencies in carrying out research activities designed to solve problems of development particularly on settlement patterns and environmental studies. The library also supports the objective of the school to strengthen and assist government agencies as well as private organizations in studying and solving planning and development problems; to facilitate implementation development proposals and national, regional and local levels; to provide assistance in improving the state of human settlements and the environment through coordinated, comprehensive development studies and plans make available a pool of professional urban and regional planners to carry out the national policy of comprehensive planning and development. The library also serves as the venue through which faculty members, students and staff may keep abreast with current developments in the field of planning and development.

 The collection consists of more than 29,000 volumes of books, periodicals, theses and dissertations, maps, multi-media materials and special collections.

 The library is open to students, faculty and staff of the School and other units of the University. Students and researchers from different universities, government and private organizations can also avail of our resources and services provided with library rules and regulations.


The School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP) Library’s mission is to lend informational materials in support to the School’s major functions of providing planning education, research, training and consultancy and to serve as a venue through which faculty members, students and staff may keep abreast with the current developments in the field of development and planning.


As the premier institution for graduate education and research in urban and regional planning in the country, the library aims to strengthen its role as a central repository of planning related materials in the country.