The School Extension Agenda 2018

UP SURP, through its Executive Committee and in consultation with its faculty, has formulated this extension agenda organized according to areas of specialization of the School’s program clusters:

Environment and Natural Resource Planning
  • Biodiversity Conservation Planning and Management
  • Environmental Planning and Policy Analysis
  • Protected Area Management Planning
  • Coastal and Marine Zone Management Planning
  • Agriculture Land Use Planning
  • Ancestral Domain Sustainable Development Protection Planning
  • Ecological Landscape Planning
  • Carrying Capacity Assessment
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Virtual Reality in Urban and Regional Planning
  • Geoparks for Sustainable Development
  • Utilities Impact Assessment

Estate Planning
  • Real Property Tax Mapping
  • Economic Zone/Industrial Estate Planning
  • Local Government Income Generation Studies
  • Eco-tourism Planning
  • Resettlement Planning
  • Land Valuation Studies
  • Land Management Studies
  • Site Planning
  • Recovery, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Planning for Conflict Affected Areas
  • Master Development Planning
Public Works Planning
  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Climate Resilient Infrastructure
  • Flood Plain Rehabilitation Planning
  • Human Settlement and Built Environment Planning
  • Infrastructure Impact Evaluation
  • Critical Infrastructure Planning (energy & water)
Transportation Planning
  • Transportation and Traffic Management Planning
  • Transportation Impact Assessment (TIA) – application of land use transport interaction & comprehensive as compared to traffic impact assessment, which is usually associated with addressing traffic congestion due to urban developments; transport impact assessment can look at congestion and other impacts, such as carbon emission, etc.
  • Air Transport Planning
  • Maritime Transport Planning
  • Public Transport Planning
  • Transport Facilities Planning
  • Intermodal Logistics Planning & Development
  • Humanitarian Logistics
  • Transport Policies Formulation & Assessment
  • Critical Transport Infrastructure Planning and Development
  • Land Use-Transportation Integration (concepts of TOD, TDM, corridor planning, etc. and related to TIA)
General Areas/Integrative Planning/Multi-disciplinary
  • Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Disaster Management/Mitigation Planning
  • Urban and Regional Framework Plan Preparation and Review
  • Comprehensive Development Planning
  • Comprehensive Land Use Plan Preparation and/or Updating
  • Policy and Institutional Studies
  • Local Development Investment Programming
  • Zoning Ordinance Preparation and/or Updating
  • Sectoral Studies and Policy Analysis
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Project Development, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)-based Mapping
  • Low Carbon Society Planning & Development
  • Development Impact Assessment
  • Disaster Rehabilitation Planning
  • Growth Area Modeling and Planning
  • Recovery, Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Planning for Conflict Affected Areas
  • Humanitarian Logistics Management and Planning