Entrance Examination Results
(Second Semester, Academic Year 2019 - 2020 )
October 16, 2019
Graduates of:
Midyear 2018
First Semester AY 2018-2019
Second Semester AY 2018-2019
June 18, 2019

 Please be informed that the Commencement Guide is now available at the OUR website

 The SURP Recognition Program is on Sunday, 30 June 2019 at 1:00PM at the Cariño Multipurpose Hall, 3/F UP SURP, Diliman, Quezon City.

 For confirmation of your attendance, please call the Graduate Studies Office at 9206854 not later than 26 June 2019.

 In addition, the Campus Ministry invites graduating students and their families and friends to the Baccalaureate Mass on Saturday, 29 June 2019 at 12nn at the Parish of the Holy Sacrifice. Please come in your full graduation regalia (dress/barong with sablay).

 Thank you.
Entrance Examination Results
(First Semester, Academic Year 2019 - 2020 )
May 28, 2019
UP SURP rescinded the book "The History of Urban and Regional Planning in the Philippines".
May 24, 2019
  The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning hereby declares that the book "The History of Urban and Regional Planning in the Philippines", by Mr. Roque Arrieta Magno, is not a publication of the School. Accordingly, its ISBN referring to SURP has been rescinded.
Admission Schedule
January 28, 2019

January 22, 2019

 The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) wins the Grand Prize in the 2018 UP Lantern Competition.

  In line with this year’s theme “Paglaot (sailing out to sea), Pagdaong (docking)”, the UP SURP’s interpretation of the lantern theme was the creation of a diorama which portrays the big city as a haven for everyone. Layers of cut-outs encased in a wooden frame depict people living in a sustainable environment. The frames were then provided with strong backlighting and soft track-lighting in between layers, giving life to each of the cut-outs.

The lantern serves as a reminder that amidst the trials and tribulations weathered by today’s society, appropriate planning is seen as a solution to a stable and secure future.

Each of the lanterns was judged according to compliance with the theme, the materials used, presentation, visual effects, and ecofriendliness

The lantern was showcased together with entries from other colleges and units of the university during the UP Lantern Parade 2018 held last December 14, 2018 (Friday) at the UP Diliman Campus.
The Use of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology in UP SURP
October 23, 2018

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Strengthening further

 The SURP to be an institution of learning and excellence in research in planning in Southeast Asia, anchored on environmentally sustainable development and low carbon society, and guided with the Philippines’ national aspirations
 To provide the means in meeting its vision, I do hope that within the term given to me, if I will be the one chosen to be the steward of The SURP, the following will be the tasks that I intend to do:

  Necessitate the review and improvements of the current academic programs of The SURP to be more attuned to development planning and in ensuring it to be at par with planning institutions not only in Southeast Asia but in Europe and the United States.

  Strengthen its graduate programs to ensure that its students will be properly equipped as professionals in planning, planning educators, responsive evaluators of development projects, estate planners, transport planners with consideration of not only in support of development and business but also in addressing the impacts of development projects.

  Strengthen the knowledge and skills of planners in the government, more importantly at the local level, in not only coming up with plans but also in furnishing their decision-makers proper information necessary for coming up with responsive policies that will result to strategies relevant in meeting their mandate for development and addressing impacts of development.

  Provide responsive practical capacity-building tuned to both the requirements of the public and private sectors and civil society organizations that are critical in the check and balance of planning.

  Review and eventually lay down a research framework that can guide The SURP in coming up with research and studies that not only will support its graduate programs but provide the planning tools in support of national development and inclusive growth. The research framework needs to include the new thoughts, tools for research and in meeting the complexities of development planning in ensuring inclusive growth and addressing climate change impacts/disaster risk reduction, and other urban problems such as traffic congestion, urban sprawl, air quality, and so on. The advent of ICT and recent applications for analysis, big data, among others are relevant directions for research.

  Ensure smooth transition from the immediate school administration, not only reviewing the programs and initiatives done but also to provide continuity in pursuing ICURP and how the new building of The SURP can be fully utilized by the future generations of The SURP.