The School is currently pursuing research in the following fields (as of Academic Year 2014-2015):
  1. Environment and Natural Resource Planning
    1. Impacts of flooding on the built environment and populations
    2. Climate change adaptation and mitigation
    3. Disaster risk reduction and management
    4. Public-Private Partnerships to Improve Local Services Delivery
    5. Environmental Assessment as a Planning Tool
    6. Biodiversity conservation in local land use and development planning
    7. Ecological Approach to trans-boundary planning
    8. Emergency Resource Planning
    9. Environmental Resource Management (Top-Bottom/ Bottom-Top Approach)

  2. Estate Planning
    1. Slum upgrading
    2. Rural development
    3. Informal settlements growth
    4. Resettlement Planning
    5. Art and culture in urban development
    6. Green urban design
    7. Inclusive urban regeneration: planning policy, social capital development
    8. Adaptive reuse of heritage districts
    9. Parks and open public areas: collaborative governance, development and management
    10. Urban planning for persons with disabilities (PWD’s): policy, design and governance
    11. Gender-sensitive estate planning: impact to policy, design, governance
    12. Disaster resilient settlements
    13. Post-disaster rehabilitation planning
    14. Tourism planning (tourism enterprise zones, medical tourism, retirement and leisure estates)

  3. Public Works Planning
    1. Public-Private Partnerships and other implementation arrangements
    2. Funding infrastructure projects
    3. Risk analyses
    4. Exit strategies for old/ obsolete public work projects: planning for reuse, recycling and disposal

  4. Transportation Planning
    1. Public transport supply and demand
    2. Inter-island travel demand
    3. Mobility in cities
    4. Non-motorized transport
    5. International, regional, sub-regional, city logistics
    6. Low-carbon transport systems
    7. PPP modalities for transport system development
    8. Regulation and integration potentialities of informal transport systems
    9. Traffic management patterns, challenges & opportunities: impact to policy, design, governance
    10. Humanitarian Logistics
  • Determinants of Demand for the River Ferry Service: the Case of the Pasig
  • Design and Implementation of Planning Information Systems at the Meso-Micro Levels: A Case of Region IV
  • A Proposal for a Research-Based Training Program for the Development of Case Study Materials and Audio-Visual Aids in the Institute of Environmental Planning (IEP)
  • Towards A Sustainable Solid Waste Collection Approach: a Case Study of Batangas City, Philippines
  • The Dynamics of Land Use Change
  • Peoples’ Participation in a Relocation Process: a Case Study of the Balete Relocation Project Undertaken by the Philippine Ports Authority in Batangas City, Philippines
  • Impact of Artificial Reefs: Case of Nasidman Island
  • The Relationship Between Population and Economic Development in the Philippines
  • Ecological Profiles: A New Approach to Incorporate Environmental Considerations in Local Development Planning and Decision-Making