Spatial Planning Students of the Technical University of Dortmund visit SURP
March 5, 2015

The UP School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) continues to strengthen in institutional linkages with academic institutions both here and abroad through various academic activities. The school maintains its strong ties with the Technische Universitat Dortmund (TUDo) in Germany in the conduct of faculty, staff, and student exchanges, collaborative researches, lectures, and exchanges of academic information.

Fifteen (15) students from the Fakultät Raumplanung (Faculty of Spatial Planning) of TUDo will be in the country for almost a month as part of the study entitled “A Research by the Spatial Planning Students of the Technical University of Dortmund”. The group shall be working in collaboration with the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) in the development of an M&E toolkit that will be utilized by CDIA in the monitoring and evaluation of its infrastructure projects. The students have scheduled visits to the cities of Valenzuela and Naga, where the toolkit will be tested, interviews will be conducted, and field tests will be done in the affected locales of both areas. Data from the field will then be utilized to improve the M&E toolkit.

Following the field work, a presentation of the findings and the revised version of the M&E Toolkit will be made by the group on March 9, 2015 at 4:00PM, at the 3rd Floor Cariño Multi-Purpose Hall. As the presentation is open to all, interested parties may RSVP to (02) 926-2120.

The SURP’s twin Vision in the next decade shall be:

SURP will be a globally competitive learning, research and training institution in the fields of urban, rural, and regional planning within an archipelagic and tropical environment comprised of landscapes and seascapes in a developing economy; and

SURP will be a center of excellence for learning and research in the development of innovative theories, tools, and sustainable practices in urban, rural, and regional planning adapted to developing countries.
The SURP’s Mission for the next three years (2012-2015) shall be to continue and further enhance its contribution to socioeconomic development and nation building:

Improving the quality of education in the school and producing highly competent planners.

Extending technical assistance to government, non-government organizations (NGOs), peoples' organizations (POs), the private sector, and other academic and research institutions on policy formulation and plan preparation for the development of localities, regions, and the nation.

Disseminating new knowledge on urban and regional planning theories, tools, and practices through the School’s publications and training programs.

Protecting and advocating for the welfare of society -particularly the poor- and promoting social justice and equity in the formulation of development plans and programs.